Get Steel-wise reinforced housepipes reliable cost

The Steel Wire Reinforced Flexible Hose Pipes is light in weight, transparent (The object flowing in the pipe can be seen.), shows high weather resistance, small bending radius, and high resistance to negative pressure. Besides, it can keep its original shape under high pressure and vacuum. Color marker line can be added to the pipe and make it more presentable.

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It has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and vacuum pressure.
With colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose, it can be beautiful.
Lightweight, flexible with a small bending radius.


The hose is widely used for suction and discharge of water, oil, and powder in the factories, agriculture, engineering, foodstuffs, and sanitation lines, the hose used for foodstuffs is made of special material.


In general, the packing will use woven bags and plastic film.
Special packing as customer request.Multiple modes of transportation available.We can choose the most economical way for you.


• Materials before PVC coating
• Surface
• Color
• Average tensile strength
• Elongation
• Wire diameter before coating
• Wire diameter with coating
• Plastic layer
• Wire diameter tolerance


• Excellent corrosion resistance.
• Anti-aging property.
• Anti-cracking.
• Long service life.
• Different colors.

Plastic/PVC coating and PVC dipping:

The plastic coating is technical processing referring to the surface processing of the metal wire. The solid plastic is melt into liquid plastic under high temperature, then the metal wire material is put into the plastic flow, it is taken out after a certain time.